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Pencil Sharpener Shaped Waste Basket - Various Colours

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Balvi Wastebasket Bin in Shape of a Pencil Sharpener 

Recycling Bin Perfect complement for your study or work area

Plastic ABS/PP 29x21,5x21 cm

  • FUNNY DESIGN. This is a sharpener-shaped paper bin, which stands out for its particular and unique design that will be perfect anywhere in your home, at the office, at a child's room, etc.
  • THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT. Ideal complement for desktops and offices. It will provide a touch of originality in the place where it is put.
  • GREAT QUALITY. Made of highly resistant and durable plastic.
  • FUNCTIONAL. Balvi's Sharpener paper bin also has a large capacity, so you will not have to empty it frequently.
  • Dimensions: 29x21,5x21 cm Material: Plastic ABS/PP - Designed by: Oscar Torrent