Welcome to the Mock Turtle

Situated in the cosy seaside town of Beaumaris, Anglesey, we offer a personally curated range of beautiful handcrafted gifts. Taking our inspiration from the classic work of Lewis Carroll, our unique selection is designed to cultivate wonder, inspiration, and just a drop of surrealism. We represent artists from across the world, but our heart will always be in Beaumaris.

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  • Crafted with care

    Our mission is to connect you with independent artists from across the world. We champion creators who do things differently, bringing you elegant ceramics, whimsical handicrafts, and works of inimitable imagination.

  • Handpicked by us

    Each piece in our collection is chosen for its individuality and inventiveness, and is imprinted with the unique style and passion of its creator. We love things that are bold, brilliant, and full of sincerity.

  • Delivered to you

    All of our items are available for delivery, so you can build your own collection of unconventional artwork from the comfort of your own home.